Davor Šavija

EXOS, Certified Performance Specialist

Based at

Thomas Ott

MSc Sports Science (Rehabilitation)

Fitness and Rehabilitation at
Müller-Wohlfahrt Centre for
Orthopaedics and Sport Medicine
Munich, Germany (2010 - 2015)

Our goal is to help you empower yourself, as health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely an absence of disease.

With you at the center, your short-term and long-term goals are at the center as well, with us utilizing developed system to inspire you and efectively guide you towards your goals.

Our system is based on fine works of numerous individuals and teams who view body holistically and on our combined hands-on knowledge and experience.

We are working across the planet for several of the best professional athletes, amateur sportswomen and sportsmen, chair warriors, individuals recovering from surgeries or from conservatively treated injuries and organizations investing in their people.

To have us guide you as you better yourself, your team or your organization, email us at fisc@blada2010.com.


To provide a robust system that is to ethically empower each athlete to reach individual short-term and long-term performance goals, with constant focus on physical, mental and social well-being.

Miha Bodytec is an innovative development of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) principle, used by leading athletes, physical therapists and personal trainers, as with EMS training all major muscle groups are trained simultaneously while being individually challenged.

By application of selective, individually controllable training stimulus, the deeper muscle groups are activated and strengthened, which is diffcult or impossible to achieve with conventional training, with the following benefits being listed in relevant literature:

  • reduced back-pain (better posture)
  • increased speed (better intra/inter muscular coordination)
  • enhanced endurance (due to increased number of mitochondria per muscle fiber)
  • hypertrophy (with increased lean muscle mass, especially in male population)
  • improved metabolism and recovery

Due to the extremely low-impact form of exercise, Miha Bodytec is particularly suitable for individuals with back problems. In a study at Müller-Wohlfahrt Centre for Orthopaedics and Sport Medicine, Thomas Ott was able to prove in 2010 that a functional back training with the support of Miha Bodytec directly and effectively strengthens deep back muscles and thus eliminates or reduces back pain.

With your goals at the center, we use Miha Bodytec exclusively or in conjunction with conventional training methods.

Thomas Ott with Usain Bolt

(fastest person ever)

Thomas Ott with Bastian Schweinsteiger

(Bayern Munich and German National Football Team)

Thomas Ott with Gregory van der Wiel

(Paris Saint-Germain and Dutch National Football Team)

Thomas Ott with David Haye

(Cruiserweight and Heavyweight World titles - boxing)

Davor Šavija with Henri Schoeman

(2016 Olympic Bronze medallist, triathlon)

Davor Šavija supervises Patrick Makau

(Marathon World record holder, 2011-2013)

Davor Šavija supervises Stephan Lewies

(lock, Springboks and the Sharks)